Robert Fenton Gary
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 181

The 2nd Edition, which is on sale now, has no formatting problems. It is easy to read, and well formatted. The bad review by Stuart H. is no longer relevant and I have asked Amazon Kindle to remove it. These Fifty-Six Essays cover a wide range of topics that were of interest to me and my readers from 2006 till 2008, the last three years of the G.W. Bush Administration. Some to the essays are not on public policy, for example one on the art of conversation, one on the North Pole, and one on the SETI project.These ideas were fresh when they were first published, and they have not been implemented since that time, which is why I call them "impossible things". It is my hope that someday they become possible, and are implemented, before breakfast or after breakfast, either way.
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