Frederick Johnson
Publisher: Felony Books
Pages: 294

The Oath of a Gangster is unparalleled. It cannot be reproduced nor acquired. It is rare! That's why Nu-Bo is so intrigued by the way in which his life is unfolding. He knows not what to do.He is the Street General for the most respected and feared Organization in Kansas City, Missouri, with the death penalty looming over his head. And the brotha (Ndugu) from anotha that he just met could put his life in the proper perspective.With their two minds combined Nu-Bo's dreams will be realized, his brother's frustration over the organization will be calmed, his city will stand in unison behind him and pay him homage ... he's so close. Nu-Bo knows that he is under an unbearable amount of pressure and that no matter what it takes—the life of a loved one, the measure of having it all or nothing, the loyalty or betrayal from anyone of his multitude of brothers, blood or not—the pressure will be ...
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