J.L. Murray
ASIN: B00KW0392E
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 165

“What does Death fear?”Niki has been to Hell and back to find a single shred of something to call a life. As Death, she has very little time to do anything but usher the lost souls to their resting places. But when Lucifer, the reason for her taste of happiness, comes up missing, Niki has to face how she feels about him. And about the prospect of losing him.At the same time, there is something stalking the living of the World. Something from another place…somewhere far from the reaches of Heaven or Hell. And someone is opening up holes in the world and letting the monsters out. Niki has to make a choice: save her only chance at something good, or fulfill her duties as Death and save humanity. But something is coming. Something bigger and more terrifying that could put all the worlds in peril. Something even the Creator fears. With all the angels out of commission, Niki might be ...
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5 stars from 28 ratings
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