Jacie Middlemann
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 238

Summer Street Secrets is the third book in The Hills of Burlington series. It is a story of family, both the one we were born with and those we meet along the way.The ink on Carrie’s divorce papers was barely dry when she got the frantic call from her ex-husband’s sister. Carrie’s young niece had trusted when she shouldn’t have and as a result was now the victim of internet bullying and harassment. Without a second thought Carrie agrees to her former sister-in-law’s request to allow Addie to spend time with her in Burlington. Regardless of the divorce she is still family. Within hours of Addie’s arrival Carrie realizes the damage done to her young niece is far worse than she could have anticipated and that a few shopping excursions weren’t going to do the trick. Before long Carrie’s mother is involved in the efforts to help Addie. Her cousins aren’t far behind. ...
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4 stars from 5 ratings
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