Joseph Rogers
Publisher: St. Louis Bookstore
Pages: 136

This exciting suspense thriller filled with interesting characters. Sarah Hamilton, a beauty queen in a Wisconsin town, becomes involved with a dangerous man named Wayne Kirchner whose criminal activities lead to murder.Robert Alma, a private detective from Chicago, is hot on the trail of Wayne.Thomas Angelique, a wealthy young businessman, becomes ensnared in a tangled web of intrigue.Embarking on a spiritual journey, Sarah makes several confessions at St. Faustina Church where she seeks absolution and advice from her parish priest to whom she tells her innermost secrets, confident that he will honor the seal of confession.A kind young girl named Chloe, whose mysterious mystical gifts include precognition, plays an integral role in events that move steadily to a shocking, dramatic resolution. ********************************************* Excerpt: Time seemed to change into slow motion ...
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