Scott Chapman
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 244

In the burning chaos of a dying city, a young man ties a heavy key to the wrist of his infant son, then turns and walks back into the heaving mob and certain death.The only clue to the mystery is the emblem embossed on the key. It is the symbol of the Knights Templar.One hundred years later, the media billionaire granddaughter of the child seeks answers: What is the relevance of the key? Why did the child's father refuse to take the last ship to safety out of the city?She turns to international crisis manager Peter Sparke and noted historian Professor Tilly Pink to uncover the secrets of the Templar Key.Their search takes them from the vaults of a Bavarian Castle through the footprints of a savage war that erupted in Turkey at the end of World War I, and the fate of a remote monastery high in the Anatolian hills.Through this, Peter Sparke faces constant challenges as he deals with an ...
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