Joseph Rogers
Publisher: St. Louis Bookstore
Pages: 150

This fast-paced novel can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. 19-year-old Lori Faire lives with her mother and sister in a cottage on the Rasten estate where Lori’s father had been employed before his “accidental" death.When the wealthy and sinister Henri Rasten attempts to force Lori to marry him, she decides to make her escape. Lori is helped by Mikhail Xavier, who proves to be a powerful defender.Mikhail and Lori struggle together against Henri and his assistant, Oliver Paisley, a mysterious man deeply involved with the occult.With Mikhail at her side, Lori is relentlessly pursued through New Orleans, the Louisiana Bayou, and out onto the Gulf of Mexico. Even a Halloween masquerade becomes a place of the utmost danger.Will Lori ever be safe? Will she and Mikhail fall in love? This romantic suspense novel presents an exciting battle between the forces of good and evil. Joseph ...
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