David J. West
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 270

21 Tales and Poems of Weird Horror spanning centuries and continents, but always disturbing closeWhat stirs from yonder gloomy crypt?What really happened during the Cold War’s Space Race?Can a king’s spirit be trapped in a violin?A lost chapter of Hemingway’s Paris years relates to what strange creature of the night?How do you kill a Tengu Lord?What horror did U.S. service men see during the first gulf war while in the deep desert of Arabia that was NOT man made? Does hazing happen at Area 51?And gunfighter Porter Rockwell tangles with supernatural surprises throughout the Old West."With these tales of many lands and many peoples, David J. West combines an excellent prose style with a brilliant imagination to give us a solid collection of wonderful stories. This is a refreshingly original gathering of weird fiction." --W. H. Pugmire"David J. West, author of 'Heroes of the ...
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