Christopher D. Winnan
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 482

This is a completely new kind of travel book. Rather than profligate bucket lists and expensive itineraries of places to see before you die, it explains how in the internet age, the very best way to see the world is actually from the comfort of your own armchair.Everybody knows that travel guidebooks are having tough times at the moment. Not only is the financial crisis biting into people's travel budgets but more and more travellers are sidestepping the guidebooks completely, and doing all their research on line. Perhaps what you did not know is that there is a small group of super savvy travelers that have unlocked an even greater resource than blogs, review sites and online discounters; the travel documentary.It was not so long ago that travelers could only buy a handful of guidebooks. Stalwarts like Fodors' and Michelin catered mainly to high end business travelers. With the rise of ...
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