John Klobucher
ASIN: B00L910EL4
Publisher: John Klobucher
Pages: 217

Welcome to Lore of the Underlings, a trail of tales to the end of things, and maybe a bit beyond. In these first episodes of the Lore: three brave strangers cross a wild land to find a folk hidden away, a people long turned from the light of the world yet the last hope to save the day...Join unlikely teen heroes John Cap and Vaam, along with their hilarious (but accidental) sidekick Morio -- and a strange pet named Ogdog -- as they meet the reclusive lost tribe of Syland and try to enlist them in their quest. And not get killed (or worse) in the process.The Lore Anthology includes Episodes 1 through 8 from the epic poetry series Lore of the Underlings, set in the mythical lands of Lore. It's a bittersweet saga of gold and shadow told in classic style -- with old-world words but new-world wit. Fun for fans of puns and lyrical tongues!
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