Cate Morgan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 76

Tamsin Hayes can forgive her mother—the renowned violinist known as the Faerie Queen—for leaving her family in favor of travelling the world as fame and fortune dictated before disappearing altogether. But Tamsin can never forgive her mother for leaving her younger brother Charlie when he needed her most—when his debilitating, fatal illness promised to rob him of his own music.So with her remaining family depending on her, Tamsin accepts a place with a symphony in Cambridge with bills and expectations dogging her every step. But while Tamsin’s technical mastery of the violin is exceptional, she lacks the flair and grace that made her mother so famous. She has not yet discovered a voice of her own.When Robert Grant moves into a friend’s country home to complete the duet that has eluded him since his beloved wife’s death, he only wants peace and quiet–to be left alone to ...
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