Brian L. Porter, Carole Gill
Publisher: Beyond Time - A Next Chapter Imprint
Pages: 203

A global nuclear holocaust. A vicious serial killer stalking the streets of Paris. A mystery in Mexico.This collection from award-winning novelist and screenwriter Brian L. Porter showcases some of his finest short stories. The title piece, After Armageddon, depicts an aftermath of a global nuclear holocaust, with a surprising twist in the tale. The Voice of Anton Bouchard, soon to be made into a motion picture by Thunderball Films, tells the chilling story of ‘The Butcher Beast’, a vicious serial killer who stalks the streets of Paris one long, hot summer.The Devil You Know takes us to Mexico, where police captain Juan Morales recounts his involvement in the case of a number of missing choirboys. The follow-up novel, Avenue of the Dead, is available for Kindle on Amazon. In Red Sky in the Morning, a nuclear submarine surfaces from a long and arduous patrol to find the sky has turned ...
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