Alex Villavasso
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 176

Alone. Desperate. Vengeful. Sailor Ray is a demon hunter on borrowed time.Both of her parents died, and she was next in line, but a demon gave her a second shot at life for the ultimate price.Her soul.Now, the demon lives inside the young hunter while she races against the clock for revenge.Sailor's slowly losing herself to the darkness, but it'll be worth it to bring damnation to the demons who ruined her life.The time to collect her soul is drawing near, but Sailor isn't one to keepher promises-neither is the demon seeking to take control.Sailor fights a battle on multiple fronts in this action-packed paranormal adventure.Can she really come back or is she too far gone? Does she even realize it to begin with?Fans of Supernatural claim that Sailor is like Sam and Dean mixed into one, and that Buffy would be proud of her antics.Scroll up and tap or click BUY NOW to dive into an ...
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