Mary Jordan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 207

At just twelve years of age, Ionna has already experienced a life filled with unimaginable horrors. After years of savage beatings and severe emotional abuse, she has finally left her parents’ house behind. But life on the streets can be cruel—especially for a young, beautiful girl. With her newfound freedom, Ionna discovers that new dangers lurk around every corner. This includes the thriving human trafficking trade—a multibillion dollar industry surviving on the exploitation of children and women all over the world. Vulnerable, starving, and struggling for survival, Ionna is just the type to get ensnared in the flesh trade’s despicable practices—and as she wades through the seedy underworld of organized crime, the future begins to look even more bleak.Inspired by a true story, the award-winning author Mary Jordan pens a dark and compelling narrative that gives a voice to the ...
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