Joanne Fariss
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 35

Sweet Dream Sleeping for Your Baby: How to Quickly Understand What Affects a Good Night’s Sleep for Your Baby, Reduce Crying, and Avoid Mistakes Most New Parents Make New parents? You’ve heard the stories. Once you become one, you’ll be losing sleep because you want to ensure that your new sweet pea gets the sleep he or she deserves. Some parents are prepared and some parents...not so much.There are tons of books out there on how to raise your baby, but none are as quick of a read with great information than this book. In this book you will:-Understand the basics of a baby’s sleep-Understand sleeping patterns for your baby-How to set a routine according to your baby’s age-Making changes in your baby’s sleep routine when you need it most-Understanding what your baby needs-The best foods to help a baby sleep-How these tactics help a baby sleep and help them cry lessAll you need is this ...
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