Craig Halloran
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 232

With the mystic armament back in his possession, Venir is once again The Darkslayer. But he can’t be everywhere at once. Tragedy still happens.A year has passed, and the underling threat is bigger … stronger. Venir, Billip, and the young men: Georgio, Nikkel and Brak, battle the enemy in the Outlands.Familiarizing himself with the City of Three and its wonders, Melegal draws the attention of some wizardly Royals. Creed the Bloodhound remains in his grandfather Lord Grom’s dungeon, failing in health, while Lorda Almen befriends Corrin the Murderer. Lefty Lightfoot remains under the cruel lash of the wart-nosed dwarves, trying to find the courage to escape.All the while, the infinite beings Trinos and Scorch battle for control of the world called Bish.
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