Kelly Collins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 81

The soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital know that while war is both brutal and cruel, the biggest battle is often fought when they return home.Mark Taylor thinks his dreams have ended after his return home from war. His life-altering injury resulted in his fiancé leaving him… and then a beautiful woman dances into his life and his heart.Ava Sawyer knows the cost of war all too well. As a volunteer at Walter Reed, she sees the men and women rotate through the halls as the nation tries to heal its heroes. Using music and movement, she encourages the wounded vets to find a new rhythm in their lives. And she’s felt nothing more than friendship for these men… until Mark.With Mark’s deep scars from the past, will Ava be able to get through to him? Will it be too much to handle, or can love conquer all?
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