Aubrey Azzaro
Publisher: Relentless Progress Publishing
Pages: 30

Companion Planting - The Beginners GuideAbout the Book: Companion PlantingCompanion gardening is the art of growing crops that are interdependent on each other in the same piece of land. Unsurprisingly, the art has been the best way to eradicate pests and diseases from the farm in a non-chemical way. Apart from pests and diseases control, companion gardening reduces chemical intake of substances from farm produce by applying natural means to eliminate the ills and to boost plant health. It is hailed also for reducing the running cost of the garden, increasing crop yield and making the best use of soil by optimizing on all classes of minerals. This book focuses on how the practice must be done and why everything is done so. To crown it all, since it is a practical DIY book, there is a list of the most common garden crops and their best companions and enemies too.It will serve as a step ...
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