Bryan W. Alaspa
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Pages: 100

***A SHORT COLLECTION OF TRUE STORIES ABOUT CRIME, MURDER, DISASTER AND DEATH***For a time author Bryan W. Alaspa wrote non-fiction articles for the website Associated Content about murder, mayhem and disasters. The author has compiled some of his favorites for this short collection.Find out about the murder mystery from St. Louis that has never been solved and haunts police detectives to this day. Learn about the worst airline disaster in history that occurred on the island of Tenerife. Marvel at the Chicago disasters like the E2 nightclub, the porch collapse and the 1977 CTA crash. Recoil in horror at the tale of the Villisca Axe Murder House. All of this and more! These articles have been collected for the first time into one published volume with notes, introduction and conclusions by author Bryan W. Alaspa.
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