Colin Demét
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 222

Written to commemorate the 2009 Scottish Homecoming, ‘Nova Scotia to Stornoway’ is a story told through time (1888-2009).Threatened by ‘The Clearances’ and being exiled from their own community on the island of Lewis, the MacKinnon family leaves Stornoway in search of ‘The Promised Land.’ The story follows their journey across the Atlantic; resettlement in Canada; and moves through several generations, returning home to Scotland in 2009. A story filled with the love, hate, tragedy, promises and deception which Scotland’s pioneers faced with courage, determination, faith and hope.For they made their dreams come true.WordcatcherTigh-a-Ghas - The Old Stornoway Gas HouseLewis Castle - 1888A Servant of the LordThe Last PsalmExodusThe Promised LandLiverpoolTransatlantic CrossingPassed Down From AboveNova ScotiaWolfvilleFayeFlat CalmMont-Blanc - 1917Wolfville – 1918 - The 11th ...
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