Christine Hornback
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 181

If Oak trees could talk, what stories would they tell? If she was the old Oak tree that loomed over Henry William Tyler's side yard for well over a century, she would have more than enough interesting stories to tell. Maybe she would tell a humorous story about the time that Henry as a little boy helped himself to some fireworks from Mr. Harper's truck that turned out to be explosives. That was one Fourth of July that Mason Creek didn't soon forget! Henry ran like a scared rabbit and climbed up into the Oak tree's outstretched branches until the smoke cleared. Or, maybe the Oak would tell more of a sweet romantic story of a nine year old Henry meeting Helen Elaine Myers. He knew at nine years old when he pushed her in his swing that hung from the Oak tree that he was going to marry that little blue eyed, blond haired gal someday! Unfortunately all stories told by the old Oak tree ...
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