K. Kidd
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 177

**SILVER / 2ND PLACE WINNER - 2019 FEATHERED QUILL BOOK AWARDS**He was a Soviet defector – She worked for the U.S. Federal Government.“Do we really know what we are getting ourselves into…” Sergei Kourdakov jumped from a Russian trawler in 1971 and barely survived the treacherous swim to the rocky shores of Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada. The handsome, twenty-year-old ex-KGB naval intelligence officer had defected—leaving behind a horrific life he could no longer face.K. Kidd’s search for independence and a career with the Federal Government led her on a journey that far surpassed any expectations. A year after Sergei defected; they met at her office in Washington, DC. The immediate attraction surprised them both. “Even you could be spy,” Sergei whispered. This captivating true story chronicles K. Kidd’s real-life relationship with a man who gave up everything for ...
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