Pete Palamountain
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 274

83,804 wds.ARC comments:"Historical mystery of the first order—filled with mysticism, the supernatural, and murder….Loved every minute of it. Highest recommendation.""Los Angeles in 1852. I never wanted to leave…felt I could reach out and touch each of the characters. Wonderful.""Amazing story…old California legal thriller and yet a fairy tale at the same time. I adored this book."While the gold rush is raging in the Sierras, a strange young woman arrives in the Pueblo de Los Angeles. Who is Doña Arcadia Peralta Moncado? Where is she from? Why does she speak both English and Spanish with a peculiar musical lilt? Why do all inquiries into her background reach a dead end? Is she responsible for the death of her caballero husband Don Ramon de Soto Lorenzana, or is she wrongly accused?She hires a transplanted Philadelphia lawyer to represent her, and he plunges into her case head first. But ...
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