Nathan Squiers
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 102

Gregori Vailean always prided himself as a "by-the-book" warrior to the mythos Council. As leader of the Clan of Vail and a role model to all the vampires he's taken in, there has never been any room for doubt in his black-and-white world of right and wrong within the world of non-humans.But all of that changed when he botched a very important mission.****Mia Wilder had always taken to her last name with a sense of pride and obligation. Working as an undercover agent on order by The Council, she was hailed as one of the few who could take on even the most dangerous of jobs and come out of it unscathed. In her world of adventure and mystery, there's never been a time—or desire—for structure or stability.But when the wildest case of her life goes awry, being untouchable is the last thing on her mind.****Now, with the worlds of order and chaos colliding, there's nothing to stop the ...
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