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Pages: 206

Raven haired Erica James finds herself free of her young husband who never satisfied her, and suddenly choices were very scary things to her again. She was trapped in the fight or flight dilemma of if she should stay in Key West, or try to start over somewhere else. When her husbands brother Johnson James offers to meet with the pretty young widow, the Key West beauty finds herself on a boat ride to pleasures that she had never experienced. A job offer that he has in mind for her turns into sexual training that pushes her into submissions and bondage and sweet pains that have her pleasure bound. From the darkness of her handcuffs and blindfold, she thinks that she is beginning to see the light. Pleasures and pains and tears of joy has Erica James' motor spinning, if only Johnson James doesn't go overboard with her. Erica had been a romance writer without really experiencing first ...
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