Mahesh S. Jadhav
Publisher: HighTechEasy Publishing
Pages: 304

Easy Linux Device Driver :“First Step Towards Device Driver Programming”Easy Linux Device Driver book is an easy and friendly way of learning device driver programming . Book contains all latest programs along with output screen screenshots. Highlighting important sections and stepwise approach helps for quick understanding of programming . Book contains Linux installation ,Hello world program up to USB 3.0 ,Display Driver ,PCI device driver programming concepts in stepwise approach. Program gives best understanding of theoretical and practical fundamentals of Linux device driver. Beginners should start learning Linux device driver from this book to become device driver expertise.--Topics Covered in book--*Introduction of LinuxAdvantages of Linux History of LinuxArchitecture of LinuxDefinitions*Ubuntu installationUbuntu Installation StepsUser Interface DifferenceAbout KNOPPIXImportant ...
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