Jenna Grey
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 139

A tale from the magical world of Taiu.Kiya isn’t human ‒ she’s one of the Shemshui, a Guardian of the Gate, and her sole purpose in life is to protect her master or mistress from all the evils in the world ‒ whether they deserve it or not. Locked in a tiny cage in the kitchen garden, she spends her life singing, calling good spirits to the house and banishing the bad. Kiya’s new master, Matthias thinks that Kiya is going to solve all of his problems for him; he’s in debt to everyone in Men-nefer and the Shemshui is a last ditch effort to salvage his wreck of a life. Unfortunately for Matthias, Kiya has other ideas, and when she meets Daniel, Matthias’ sorcerer brother, the two of them make plans of their own. ***Contains strong language and graphic scenes of a sexual nature.***Authors Note:Please note that there is another author publishing under the name of Jenna Grey ...
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