Gary McKraken
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 44

Successful Examination Tips and Techniques: How to Properly Revise, Prepare For, Sit and Pass That Exam and Get That QualificationAre you struggling to revise for exams or finding it tough to study for a degree or professional qualification? If so, this book can help you. I have written to based on my own experiences of successfully gaining a challenging professional qualification after years away from a study-based environment. I used the same revision, study and examination preparation techniques I have written about so you can do the same. Download your copy today and read it on your Kindle, tablet or PC within seconds. It could mean the difference between success or failure!I know revising for, preparing for and taking exams is not a great deal of fun. Some people breeze through, some have to work hard and find it difficult. I fall firmly in to the latter category. I did not shine ...
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