Angela Conrad
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 256

Reedited December, 2014, 2nd edition.Rogues of Rayburn Park is an 1822 regency historical romance, taking place in London and Newmarket, England. The second in the series, Rayburn Park. Rogues of Rayburn Park is a Standalone book of over 65,000 words and a companion to the novel Livy. It does NOT need to be read with any other book.This book shines with scores of humorous conversations, bitter rivalries, and heartbreaking romances. Lord Sam and Lady Mary Rayburn and the location of Rayburn Park play throughout their friend’s stories, and Lord Nathan and Lady Livy Wentworth return. Rogues of Rayburn Park resumes the saga of Livy’s friends and family. Presented in four parts, the romances of Lord Jack Alcott, Lord Daniel Hathaway, and Lord William Russell begin. New characters, Isabella beautiful and talented just twenty, catches Lord Alcott’s eye, after being jilted by Lord ...
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