Dr. Zeuzz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 34

A delightful children's story written in Dr. Seuss style rhyme. When you come to a traffic light what do you do? Well if you are the Simples then when you see a... Red light, Stop! Green light, Go! Yellow light, Slow! Blue light, No? What will the Simples do when they see a blue traffic light for the first time in the history of Simpleville.Other titles in the Sam You Can Read Book Series:> Something Told The Wild Geese, by Rachel Field> Good Night Joon, by Aussie Osborne> The Little Mouse Miss And Her Little House of Swiss, by Dr. Zeuzz> Foxes in Boxes, by Dr. Zuezz> Go, Mouse. Go!, by Dr. Zuezz> Not My Mittens, by Samantha Sams > The Teacher's Pet, by Samantha Sams > The Rainbow Day, by Samantha Sams > Bella Is A Ballerina, by Samantha Sams > Stella Is A Mariachi Dancer, by Samantha Sams > Sports I Like To Play, by Samantha Sams > The Book Of Look, by Samantha Sams > Sam You Can ...
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