Ulma Kellerman
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 285

Covert OPS. Constantia, Cape Town: South Africa, a country rich in many natural resources, has a problem keeping its mineral wealth safe. In order to protect their rich supply of gold and until there is an increased investment demand for the yellow metal; the government decides to build the biggest vault in the world in the most unusual place, a cave called the Elephant’s Eye. The most suitable man to be in charge of this project is William Tyler, known to most as just ‘Tyler’. He is gifted and tough like well-tanned leather. Being an ex-special forces soldier and having Master’s degrees in Mechanical and Civil engineering, he is a brilliant strategist and has proven it time and again. However, his abilities are about to be tested. At the same time Madeline, a doctor specializing in TB research, comes into Tyler’s life. Her research, however, brings her suddenly in grave danger and ...
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