D Armstrong
Publisher: D Armstrong
Pages: 61

This book is for people who want to learn VBA fast. It introduces VBA step-by-step, providing examples, practice exercises, and explanations at each stage. Learn VBA by using it. See, do, review, and then build on what you learn.Why learn VBA?VBA allows you to automate repetitive tasks when using Microsoft Office packages like Word and Excel.VBA also allows you to make your own functions in Excel. These can replace what you do with formulae, and do more besides.What's the simplest way to learn VBA?Start by learning to design your own VBA functions, before moving on to macros.Why should I buy this book?This book introduces VBA step-by-step. Examples, explanations and practice exercises are provided at each stage. All practice exercises have hyperlinked answers, so you can ‘flip’ the page from problem to solution and back, with ease. See, understand and then practice new concepts. Learn ...
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