Alynda Carroll
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 88

Use essential oils to turn your bath into an at-home spa with these simple homemade bath recipes for bath salts, melts, bombs and scrubs. These therapeutic recipes will enhance your bath and help you gain the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Not only do these recipes beauty and aromatherapy recipes smell and feel good, tradition holds that they help the following problems:Anxiety, Depression, Arthritis, :Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia, Irritability, Memory Loss, Muscle pains, Skin problems, Stress, Feelings of being Overwhelmed, and more.The recipes found in this volume of The Art of the Bath Series, A DIY Guide to Therapeutic Bath Enhancements: Homemade Recipes for Bath Salts, Melts, Bombs, and Scrubs, were developed help sore muscles, comfort the troubled mind, and soothe a restless spirit. Turning your bathroom into a personal spa is easy when you fill it with luxurious scents ...
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