Joseph Iorillo
ASIN: B00MD428L0
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 269

NOT ALL GHOSTS ARE DEAD...After the death of his mother, college professor Ray Strickland is plagued by a mysterious presence that seems to be inhabiting the stately mansion that he has inherited. At first, the entity makes itself known in subtle ways, but as more time passes, it becomes more aggressive and threatening, affecting every aspect of Ray's personal life. His world slowly begins to turn upside-down, prompting him to seek the help of priests, psychics, and even a paranormal support group. The strange occurrences give the astute professor cause to theorize that the entity may well be the spirit of his recently departed mother who is trying to control his affairs from beyond the grave. As the haunting mystery unfolds, the true nature of the watchful presence slowly reveals itself.REVIEW HIGHLIGHTSAn expertly crafted mystery tale that walks the fine line between supernatural ...
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