Ray Drayton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 272

All is not as it appears in this South Pacific Paradise. The idyllic Islands of Fiji hold a dark secret, privy only to a select few. Both MI6 and the CIA are desperate to expose a secret operation producing Ethanol derived from sugar cane. The Bio Fuel is destined for India's arsenal of nuclear missiles. The Intelligence Services of the UK and USA orchestrate a coup in an effort to shut down the entire operation to avoid nuclear war breaking out on India's frontier with Pakistan, China and Russia.THE HIBISCUS CODE: Two men are responsible for extinguishing the nuclear flash point. Their mandate is to pull the free world back from the nuclear abyss.The unseen enemy they confront proves to be an opponent who fights from the shadows in an all out effort to protect their country's nuclear arsenal. The confrontation spanning Britain and Fiji is as much a battle of minds as a physical ...
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