Justin Albert
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 56

Spirituality: A Search for Balance and EnlightenmentSpiritual Health and WellnessThe Secrets of Spirituality Can Change Your Perspective on LifeWith Spirituality, you can make the first steps to inner peace, to reaching toward your true potential.This book teaches you the benefits of spirituality: from its ancient techniques to its present-day uses. You can finally supercharge your interior self and enjoy your life on its many beautiful levels. You can finally feel the joys you haven’t felt for years. How to Find Your Meaning of LifeThrough techniques like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and spiritual healing, this book outlines the ways you can create a plan to maximize your life. If you find yourself wafting along, without reason or a love for your life, you require a new purpose, a better reach toward your potential. Specific spiritual tools create step-by-step instructions to ...
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