Nikki Woolfolk
Publisher: Nikki Woolfolk (August 5, 2014)
Pages: 59

A midsummer dream could link two hearts…or shatter them like glass.Ash arrived in Stubborn, New Virginia an orphan with nothing—except more knowledge of glass crafting tech than any other artisan at Pantoufle Glass Factory. But thanks to his two jealous bosses, he’s not even allowed to touch the scraps he’s forced to sweep off the floor.On the night of Summer Solstice Ball, he has until midnight to pretend all his dreams could come true. And for a moment glittering with magic, he holds happiness in his hands. But then the clock strikes midnight, and everything slips through his fingers—including his most precious possession.British envoy Simon Leatherby came to Stubborn to make trade deals for his Queen. He never expected the hottest commodity in town would be—himself. Even the networking ball he’s hosting is morphing into a marriage market, and he’s the prize.When he meets a dazzling ...
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