Ian Tuhovsky
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 111

Discover the Noble Teachings of Buddha to Bring Peace & Happiness to Your Everyday Life!Dear Friends,Buddhism is one of the most practical and simple belief systems on this planet and it has greatly helped me on my way to become a better person in every aspect possible. In this book I will show you what happened and how it was. No matter if you are totally green when it comes to Buddha's teachings or maybe you have already heard something about them - this book will help you systematize your knowledge and will inspire you to learn more and to take steps to make your life positively better!I invite you to take this beautiful journey into the graceful and meaningful world of Buddhism with me today!In This Book I Will Tell You About:-Why Would You Want To Incorporate Buddha's Teachings Into Your Life?-What Buddhism Is And What it Definitely Is Not?-What is the Essence of Buddhism?-Three ...
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