James Alan Driver
ASIN: B00MI5730A
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 80

I’ll Teach You:: How to Go From DSLR Newbie to Pro FAST!Snap breath taking pictures. Make Facebook friends Jealous.Are you looking for a way to learn all about DSLR Photography and what it can do for you? This book is your doorway in to the digital photography world, explaining everything from your camera to the settings that you can use. Photography is an art form, but it’s advanced since the days of analog photography on its own. It’s not just for storing the memories that you want cherish forever, even though it is good for that, but it’s perfect for conveying your emotions and ideas to an audience of people waiting to see it. Digital photography can help your point come across better than analog photography, so long as you know how to do it. Taking the perfect photo is an amazing feeling because you know you just created something that will last forever. DSLR photography is ...
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