Sean-Paul Thomas
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 204

'WARNING' - May contain some crude Scots dialect, dark, graphic humor and a couple of home truths.Take a wee break from the project fear and smear campaigns and Gordon Brown's retirement home spiel about a divided country and how a vote to stay in the UK is a vote to stay in Europe blah, blah, blah... Why not put your feet up instead, put the kettle on, make a wee relaxing brew, and spend some good, fun, quality reading time, inside a wee Edinburgh cafe with its weird, wonderful, wacky, and just as f##ked up as the lying politicians themselves, customers and staff, during one screwed up and unforgettable crazy day - The day of the Scottish referendum. If you enjoyed books like - Fear and Smear: The Campaign Against Scottish Independence by Pat Anderson - The Dream Shall Never Die: 100 Days that Changed Scotland Forever by Alex Salmond - Disunited Kingdom: How Westminster Won A ...
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