Book Worm Readers
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 106

Providing new designers or experienced designers with content to create professional, attractive and quality web design is the focus of this book. Whether you are a seasoned vet or just now starting to learn HTML and CSS, this book is for you! The designs used in this book are created with easy to read, follow and edit text code. Simply Copy and Paste the code into your HTML, CSS, JS or PHP documents! Designing For a client with a near impossible deadline to meet? Not A problem! Simply grab the code from these pages start pasting away, simply swapping the images and fill texts. Designing has never been as simple as I Intend to make it with the content I Produce in these series of books. Whether You are designing a fixed, fluid or responsive website, this series of books will contain multiple design options to choose from, making your design experience less time consuming and more ...
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