Lynn Hall
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 66

Discover simple ways on how to change your bad habits and eliminate procrastination! Learn easy methods to build productive habits and make your life that much easier. Are you in the habit of deferring an action to a later time? Do you put off the work you need to finish immediately, or is the paperwork piled a mile high on your table while you’re mentally serene about handling it later? Need to start accomplishing tasks, but feel like putting them off until you’re exhausted from not completing them and just giving up? Then this is the right book for you! Learn to deal with the occasional or chronic procrastination. By doing so, this will not only help you accomplish tasks you desire, but it will also help you find success you were previously missing out on due to putting the work off for later and missing your deadlines. With this book, reach for those deadlines with sharp ...
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