Linda Koln
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 254

3 Books only $0.99 ! - Limited Time Offer!Box Set: Soap Making for Beginners and Beyond - The Simple Guides to Making Handmade Soaps, 70+ Luxurious Soap Recipes and Tips.Book 1: Soap Making From Scratch - The Ultimate Guide: 30+ Cold and Hot Process Soap Recipes and TipsThis is a step by step guide for making soap from scratch. Easy-to-follow instructions and author's advice will help you make soap at home from start to finish. In this book you’ll discover: - types of oils and their properties - how to create recipes for cold and hot process soap making - table of soaping oils and fats - useful soap additives - cold process soap making - hot process soap making - how to make swirls - 30+ great soap recipes - possible mistakes The author also gives examples and a master classes of making soap from scratch.Book 2: Soap Making: 30+ Handmade Soap Recipes and Tips. Complete Beginner's Guide ...
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