Linda Robinson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 249

Is it possible for two teen-aged girls from completely different backgrounds to forge a lasting friendship—a relationship strong enough to endure life-altering events?Beautiful, ambitious, and spoiled high school sophomore Natalie Hudson aims for a veterinarian career, but she is bored with school and a lack of challenge. Her secret admiration for handsome senior Trevor Casey may complicate any future plans. She agrees to an innocent romantic meeting that becomes a horribly violent night. An evening Natalie will not soon forget teaches her a lesson that affects every future decision she makes.Tori Rhodes comes from a broken home, and her dreams and desires are simple—to be loved, become a wife and mother, and have a blissful life with a model family like Natalie’s. But Tori’s history of making wrong choices about sex, drugs, and alcohol hinders her hopes of a happy life.Set in 1987 on a ...
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