Alexander G. Michaels
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 29

Read it Free as part of your Kindle Unlimited membershipThis beautifully illustrated and fun book is about Sparks, an English Cocker Spaniel, who gets lost in New York City right before the biggest dog show of his life!  Travel with Sparks on his amazing adventure through Central Park, Times Square and the streets of the city.  What new friends will he meet? Who will help him find his way back to his owner Daniel?  Will he make it in time for the Best in Show dog show?  Animal lovers! Dog lovers! You will love this fun and heartwarming story of Sparks!  Kids will love the bright colorful illustrations and fun situations.  They will enjoy reading this over and over with their families.  Sparks! Amazing Adventures Coming soon!  Sparks! Birthday Adventure.  Join Sparks as he goes on an adventure to find his brothers and sisters to celebrate their birthday!Scroll up and grab a ...
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