A. J. Gallant
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 473

Dragon fantasy and romance collide in this series of a coming of age wizard and his many trials and tribulations of suddenly being thrown into the wizarding world. A medieval world of dragons, wizards and wizards and of course knights. Did I mention talking dragons? And one dragon in particular that bonds with Marcus which is unheard of in this land. A wonderful series of great and unpredictable adventure. Joan Richmond reviewed Knight of the Sword (Of Knights and Wizards Book 3) Knight of the Sword (Book 3) June 16, 2016Gave this book a 5-star rating because I felt it deserved it. Marcus, the young & new wizard is still learning how to use the magic he has acquired. His friendship with the young dragon, Ash, is developing into something very special. I particularly enjoyed the way all the different characters come together as each chapter continues. Loved the dragons & the magic used ...
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