Michelle Lynn Brown
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 222

"Regrets leave you with nothing but heartburn and heartache."A knock on the door brings Lauren Ballard news of her husband’s death and his adultery. All at once, Lauren finds herself alone, wounded, widowed and expecting a child. When her strict and demanding father falls ill, Lauren reluctantly heads home. It isn’t long before she finds herself regretting her decision. Her father’s resort places her in constant contact with Kyle Ashcroft, her high school sweetheart who she left without so much as a goodbye. Now that she’s returned, Kyle has questions – questions she's not prepared to answer.One look at Lauren, and Kyle realizes he's still in love with her, though his wounded pride would have it otherwise. The pastor in him knows he needs to help the broken woman before him, but as the man she betrayed years ago, he wants to scream “serves you right.” When the truth of ...
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