David Shockley
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 88

Do you ever wonder what your dogs are thinking? How they feel? What they’re dreaming about as they run, whimper, bark, and growl in their sleep? Who or what they’re playing with when they romp around all by themselves? What they’re looking at when all you see is a blank wall or an empty doorway? Will we see them again after they’ve gone? Are they still here watching over us – helping, perhaps even snuggling with us like they used to? What if they wrote and sent you a story from the great beyond?This Dog’s Afterlife answers those questions. Tucker, the canine narrator, takes the reader on an adventure starting from the most unlikely of places: the last day of his life. At that moment, he realizes that the end is really just a new beginning. Tucker encounters many new wonders and finds he has much to learn. Fortunately, he has help in the form of his father, Rocket, and a cast ...
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