C.S. McMillian
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 293

Releasing dirty souls is dangerous and exhausting, but paramedic Tryke Harper has finally come to terms with the past, and how he will spend the rest of his days. And with his girlfriend Lesley away at medical school, he can now focus on his strange avocation.When a serial killer emerges from retirement to terrorize the elderly of Dallas, Tryke sets out to hunt him down. That’s when his tightly-knit life begins to unravel. An attractive physician overhears his interest in the killer and wants to join the pursuit. As their friendship progresses, Tryke finds himself facing more than a love triangle — she has dark secrets of her own.In Grey Matter, the second novel of the Dark of the Mind trilogy, C.S. McMillian invites us to jump into the rig and ride with Tryke as he responds to one crisis after another, and creates a few more along the way. Get ready for harrowing twists, deadly turns ...
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