Xavier P. Otter
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 92

What has ‘Reality’ TV done for you lately? Why not put your imagination to work for you in this interactive ‘Reality’ book series. Enter the Storyteller’s Bed and Breakfast and be transformed forever.Welcome to the Storyteller’s Bed and Breakfast - Pilot Episode. On a small island in an undisclosed location off the coast of the southern shores of North America, a beautiful turn of the century home has been converted into a bed and breakfast. The establishment is run by an eccentric, well-aged southern gentleman, Joshua Raintree along with his merry band of misfits. The house and grounds are characters that change like an evolving puzzle with each tale told. House will select something from each story told that she will add to her menagerie. These additions will come back from time to time to either brighten Joshua’s day or to create chaos that he and his staff must set ...
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